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14 Different Ways To Get YOUR Client To Connect To Their Pelvic Floor Easily, Intuitively, and On Their Own


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Did you know that most of your pelvic floor clients will struggle connecting to their pelvic floor no matter how good of a therapist you are?


This is typically a taboo area and clients often struggle “finding” the sensation and how to engage their deepest connection to their pelvic floor.


Here’s the problem you face: as a pelvic floor therapist, there is only so much you can fit into each and every session.


If your client isn’t practicing and honing the connection and mindfulness to their pelvic floor then they are only going to make minimal progress which means they won’t get the results you want for them.


Which means frustrations on both side of the treatment table and can even lead to your client not rebooking with you.


But, there is a solution. Let me introduce you to the “Pelvic Floor Connection Toolbox” which guides you through the neuromuscular re-education routines your clients should be doing outside your session so they achieve those “a-ha” moments connecting to their pelvic floor.

  • 14 different neuromuscular re-education routines ready for you to use with clients so you never have a doubt again what to give your client.
  • Done for you videos of the routines you can share directly with your clients so you don’t have anything to film, edit or upload. You can start using this today with your clients.
  • Mix and match the neuromuscular re-education routines with your client so you can customize it specifically to their needs.
  • Want to film a version of them yourself? Perfect, I've given you a copy of my script to make it even easier! Just turn on the camera and go!

Over the years of seeing pelvic floor clients in their home I’ve discovered that what the client is doing outside the sessions is almost more important than what we do in our sessions.


Don’t get me wrong: the education and hands on work in our 1 to 1 session is invaluable. But, I’ve never wanted to be the type of therapist that clients come to only because they want to “be done to” or “worked on.” I’ve always wanted to teach my clients, to enhance their own connection to their pelvic floor, to make them the detective of their own body.


And that’s where I’ve found that what they do outside our sessions is immensely powerful.


I wanted them to feel the deep inner connection to their pelvic floor on their own. I wanted them to be able to truly understand this connection, to be able to reproduce it at home, and to have something they could always go back to to feel centered and connected.


Over time, I developed a sequence of 14 different exercises and instructions that I gave my clients to do at home (outside our sessions) which accomplished just that.


I loved these 14 different exercises because they gave me a “vault” of items that I could always pull from. No more creating something from scratch for one client.


I could reuse them over and over again and pick the exact exercises to give my client based on their unique situation.


Sometimes I’d give a client all 14 and other times I’d give a subset if there were just 5 or 7 better suited.


But I was never left scrambling again.


And I started to see that my clients started to really understand their connection to their pelvic floor better through these exercises.


They would make more and more progress between our sessions and each session we could go further with our work together.


And, the clients loved it because it was something incredibly tangible for them to do between each session. They felt more cared for that after the first session together I could quickly follow up with easy to understand and do exercises they could work on themselves.


I think you will also find that you use these exercises over and over again with your clients. That’s why I’m backing this up with a 30 day unconditional guarantee. If this doesn’t help you and your clients, if this doesn’t make your life simpler with them, then I will gladly refund your money. I’ll give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

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Your Instructor

Lindsey Vestal is the founder of The Functional Pelvis, the first in-home pelvic health practice in New York City run by an Occupational Therapist. She has helped thousands of people overcome chronic pelvic health challenges like incontinence and pelvic pain. Her goal is to empower women and men to listen to the wisdom of their own bodies—without resorting to invasive surgeries or prescription drugs—so they can heal and get back to enjoying life again. She takes a different approach from other pelvic health experts. In fact, She doesn't really take an “expert” approach at all. Instead, she relies on her clients to share their expertise about their own bodies. That way she can offer the personalized support they need to regain control of their basic bodily functions.

She understands that no one else knows your body better than you.

She considers the whole person, not just outward physical symptoms.

She doesn’t believe kegels are a one-stop shop for every pelvic floor dysfunction.