OTs in Pelvic Health Summit 2023!

August 19th - 20th in Phoenix, Arizona

Buy My Tickets Today ($547) - price increases on June 15th to $650!

"It made me proud to be an OT" - Abby Huggenberger

OTs in Pelvic Health Summit - In Person for 2023!

The OTs in Pelvic Health Summit is for OTs by OTs (don't worry PTs - you are invited to both attend and speak!). 

After our 2022 virtual summit we were so pumped and excited about the response that the only thing we thought would make it better was to have it IN PERSON.   

This means in-person networking, in-person breakout huddles, in-person colloborations, and a chance to connect with those you've probably only met virtually before.

So - the question is, will we see you in person this year?

Buy My Tickets Today ($547) - price increases on June 15th to $650!

Get Ready For Our Amazing Agenda Below!

Day 1 - August 19th

  • 7:00am Registration
  • 8:00am Summit Kick-off with Lindsey Vestal and Kelsey Mathias
  • 8:30am Keynote - Trauma on the Floor: Understanding How Traumatic Events + Adversity Affect Pelvic Floor Function with Marti Smith
  • 9:30am BREAK
  • 9:45am OT's Role in Pediatric Pelvic Health: Defecation Disorders with Quiara Smith
  • 10:45am 
    • LAB OPTION 1: Visceral & Manual Skills Lab with Lisa Loveless and Rakhi Srivastava
    • LAB OPTION 2:  The Impact of Breathing and Postural Pattens on Pelvic Health: Getting Client Buy-In with Meghan Kasper
  • 11:45am LUNCH
  • 12:45pm Panel Discussion: Advocating for Pelvic Health in OT Curriculum with Tiffany Lee, Ashley Hobson, Sarah Sidar, Mara Podvey, and Pam Hess
  • 1:45pm Pelvic Surgery OT: The Role That Only You Can Perform with Rebecca Segraves and Jenna Segraves
  • 2:45pm BREAK
  • 3:00pm
    • TRACK 1: Functional Treatment Approaches to Pelvic Organ Prolaspe with Kaitlyn Ellis
    • TRACK 2: Not Just the Muscles: Additional Considerations When Treating Constipation with Jessica Dobson
  • 4:00pm The Centered Clinician: Engaging Occupational-Centered Models of Practice to Empower PFOTs with Joanna Seber

Day 2 - August 20th

  • 8:00am How Birth Trauma Impacts the Body & Ways to Help Health After Birth with Lynn Schulte
  • 9:00am Panel Discussion - Empowering OTs for Big Things with Doug Vestal, Carlyn Neek, and Landy Peek
  • 10:00am Break & Vendors
  • 10:30am Maternal Mental Health: OT's Role in Supporting Mothers During the Perinatal and Postpartum Periods with Katherine Jones
  • 11:30am 
    • LAB OPTION 1: Pilates and Pelvic Health: A Perfect Marriage with Pam Hess
    • LAB OPTION 2: Relaxation & Breath Meditation: An Experience for All Levels with Katie Beach
  • 12:30pm Lunch & Chair Yoga Nervous System Reset with Tania Shearon
  • 1:30pm Treating Men with Confidence with Susie Gronski
  • 2:30pm HEPs & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Thinking Outside of the Box to Improve Patient Outcomes with Danika Viola


Buy My Tickets Today ($547) - price increases on June 15th to $650!

As an OT you'll find communityempowerment and the skills to take your Pelvic Health knowledge to the next level...

"A summit filled with panels of pelvic health gurus offering their limitless expertise to budding OTs, advanced practitioners, and the in-betweens. If you are searching for inspiration and guidance to ignite your pelvic health fire, this is the summit for you."

- Becca Meredith

"The topics were diverse and filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge! I loved the panelist talks, books and resource recommendations, and tangible recommendations and ways to phrase things during client sessions.

It made me proud to be an OT."

- Abby Huggenberger

"This was a hugely motivating, gratifying and empowering experience amongst well respected colleagues. An event I would not want to miss, for as long as it keeps running!"

- Brooke Reilly

"The summit was a fantastic experience. This is a great opportunity to make connections, network, find mentorship, and learn with and from like-minded individuals."

- Sarah Sidar

"It was amazing. The keynote speaker was phenomenal and truly inspired me. She spoke so much positivity into me as a person & an OT and sparked even more passion within me. I thought it was well organized, great variety of topics, and would absolutely go again!"

- Allison Richardson

"Fresh content you can’t find in any pelvic health course, great expert panels, professional and educational yet intimate enough where you feel like you’re hanging out with some friends."

- Sabina Khan

"It was great for all levels from new to pelvic health all the way to seasoned in pelvic health."

- Wendy Underwood

"I am still on a high and continuing to research topics covered that I would have never given any curiosity to if it weren't for the conference!"

- Kourtney Randsdorp

"The Summit illuminated the ties that bind us as occupational therapists. It reinforced why I have loved being in this profession for the past 44 years. The physical therapists that participated in this summit were supportive and legitimized our contribution to this practice area. Just as different colored yarns interwoven together can create a beautiful tapestry, so too can OTs and PTs working and learning together offer our patients a comprehensive multifaceted healing journey. "

- Linda Hilzen

Here's Some Important Details


  • The summit is August 19th + 20th.  
  • The summit will be held at AT Still University in Mesa, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix). 
  • The summit will run from approximately 8am - 5pm each day.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided on the 19th and 20th.
  • There will be an optional networking event held on Friday, August 18th for those who want to attend (and whose travel plans allow).
  • There will also be an optional Saturday Night Charity Fundraiser event (where we get active + support a worthy charity!).
  • The best airport to fly into/out of is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (this airport is a 20 minute car ride to the suggested hotel).
  • A block of hotel rooms has been reserved for summit participants at the Residence Inn Phoenix Gilbert (this hotel is 1.4 miles from the summit location). 
  • Our summit location can only accommodate 200 people - so hurry and buy your tickets!


Buy My Tickets Today ($547) - price increases on June 15th to $650!

Your Organizers

Lindsey Vestal - OTR/L

Lindsey is the founder of the first pelvic health practice in NYC ran by an occupational therapist The Functional Pelvis.

She hosts a weekly OT Empower Hour on her Facebook Page "OTs For Pelvic Health" which has over 4,900 members.

Since 2018 she has been training other OTs in Pelvic Health through her popular online courses. She aims to train over 10,000 OTs by the year 2030 with more than 3,000 of them completing a certification that's specific to OT she's creating.

She is also the host of the top-rated podcast, "OTs in Pelvic Health."

Kelsey Mathias - OTR/L, PRPC

Kelsey Mathias is a pelvic health therapist specializing in performance optimization of tactical athletes. 

For 7 years Kelsey has worked to help both pelvic health professionals and clients recognize what they can do when they are surrounded by messages telling them what they can’t do. 

She currently consults with professionals across the nation to implement evidence based pregnant and postpartum education and fitness programs. Through this work she acts as a fierce advocate for systematic changes empowering tactical athletes in their pregnant and postpartum journeys.

Heidi Carptenter, OTD, OTR/L, RYT200

Heidi is the owner of Embody Occupational Therapy, LLC, specializing in yoga-based wellness.  Heidi completed Lindsey's OT Pioneers course in 2020 and has incorporated pelvic health into occupational therapy practice ever since!

Heidi has a passion for high-quality continuing education and loves facilitating and empowering OT Professionals to reach their professional goals.  

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

Buy My Tickets Today ($547) - price increases on June 15th to $650!