From routine to REMARKABLE: elevate your care with the skills that matter most in pelvic health


Trauma-Informed Pelvic Health Certification!


 Bridge the gap between hands-on techniques and transformative healing, becoming the pelvic health therapist with the confidence to tackle what’s hidden. 


For those who sense a deeper issue in pelvic health, ready to discover what hands-on can’t TOUCH


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Right now, you're standing in the treatment room, equipped with techniques and a heart full of intent, but... your client hits an INVISIBLE WALL...

You sense there's a critical piece MISSING as you watch clients struggle to progress, despite your best hands-on efforts.

You're TIRED of the uncertainty that washes over you when a client's past trauma surfaces, leaving you questioning, "Am I really doing enough?"

You're not ALONE in feeling underprepared when a session takes an unexpected turn, and a client's emotions spill over.

How do you NAVIGATE this delicate terrain without causing more harm?

How do you hold SPACE for their pain while maintaining your own emotional balance?

You're seeking CLARITY in a sea of buzzwords where "trauma-informed" often lacks substance.

You CRAVE genuine, effective strategies that go beyond textbook definitions and truly resonate with those in your care.

This isn't just about your practice; it's about their path to wellness.

When their fundamental needs for safety and understanding go unaddressed, healing stalls, trust wavers, and the opportunity for transformation slips through your fingers.




Clients left feeling unheard and unseen, and you, the therapist, feeling ineffective and disillusioned. It's a cycle that demands a new direction, for their sake, and yours.

But, there’s a brighter horizon. 

Imagine a practice where you seamlessly blend skill with deep understanding, where “trauma-informed” is not just a buzz word, but the heart of your success.

We’ve created the first and only Trauma-Informed Pelvic Health Certification so that you can confidently navigate your clients’ deepest challenges, transforming your sessions into a haven of true healing and resilience.

Being Trauma-Informed isn’t nice to have...  It is the FUTURE of Pelvic Health

Look, we get it.  When we first started in Pelvic Health we thought that all we needed was one more manual technique.

We were constantly told that the best Pelvic Health work was “hands-on.”

And it isn’t that doing “hands-on” work is bad…


Hands-on work has for too long covered up the work we should really be focusing on.

The work that really takes into consideration of the entire person in front of us.


 The best part is that you’ll be able to create more impact in every single session you have.


The Trauma Informed Pelvic Health Certification is a 4.5 month, intensive, mentorship program that teaches you the *specifics* of how to incorporate trauma-informed care into your existing pelvic health sessions.


  • Master the Art of Emotional Navigation: Learn to confidently guide your clients through unexpected emotional surges with grace and professionalism, turning "What do I do now?" into "I have the skills to handle this."


  • Speak the Language of Healing: Adopt the precise language that resonates with your clients, ensuring you ask the right questions and provide answers that empower, not alienate.


  • Balance Empathy with Self-Care: Discover strategies to maintain your own emotional equilibrium while holding space for your clients' pain, so you can serve without the cost of your own well-being.


  • Demystify Trauma-Informed Care: Cut through the buzzwords to grasp the true essence of trauma-informed practice, making it more than a label in your toolkit—it becomes your second nature.


  • Harness the Power of Somatic Wisdom: Uncover the subtle language of the body to help clients reconnect with their somatic experiences, facilitating a deeper healing that transcends words and taps into the body's innate wisdom.


  • Navigate the Delicate Terrain of Trauma: Learn how to foster a safe environment where clients feel seen, heard, and supported on their journey to recovery.


  • Empower with Precision: Learn how to empower your clients to understand and release their trauma, transforming it from a part of their identity into a step towards their empowerment.


  • Calm the Nervous System: Equip yourself with an array of techniques for nervous system calming, providing your clients with the peace they need to heal from within.


  • Transform Client Conversations: Turn defensive reactions into open dialogues by learning the art of communication that respects boundaries and encourages trust.


  • Expand Your Therapeutic Toolkit: Integrate somatic and psychosocial interventions seamlessly into your sessions, offering comprehensive care that addresses the root cause, not just the symptoms.


  • Cultivate Deep Safety and Trust: Develop the ability to create an environment of deep safety and trust, where clients can reveal their stories and embark on their healing journey with you as their steadfast ally.


The Trauma-Informed Pelvic Health Certification is an intensive 5-month mentorship program combining online coursework, live group coaching and an exclusive in-person retreat that teaches you not just the “why” but also the “how-to”

EVEN IF you're new to trauma-informed practice: Our certification is designed to build your understanding from the ground up, providing you with the foundational knowledge and skills you need to confidently support your clients.

EVEN IF you've felt overwhelmed by emotional client reactions in the past: We'll equip you with practical tools and strategies to maintain your composure and provide effective care, even in the most challenging moments.

EVEN IF you're relatively new to pelvic health: As long as you've completed OT Pioneers or an equivalent foundational course and have the opportunity to practice hands-on, this certification will guide you to apply and refine your skills, ensuring you grow in confidence and competence with each session.

EVEN IF you've tried other trainings and didn't see a change: Our approach is unique, focusing on experiential learning and real-world application that translates into tangible results in your practice.


…and A LOT of support along the way

Let me ask you a question...

When was the last time you felt COMPLETELY CONFIDENT in your treatment room?

Our Trauma-Informed Pelvic Health Certification equips you to support your clients' deepest needs WITHOUT feeling out of your depth.


If you are...

... EXHAUSTED from hitting the same roadblocks with manual techniques that don't address the underlying issues

... FRUSTRATED by the sense that there's a missing piece in your practice that could unlock true healing

...and YEARNING to connect with your clients on a level that fosters genuine progress and profound healing

...then this Trauma-Informed Pelvic Health Certification is perfect for you.

Ready to become a trailblazer in your field?  Join our Interest List today to get exclusive updates and early access.  Your journey towards a more informed, empathetic, and empowering pelvic health practice starts here.


Your Blueprint for Healing: Inside the Trauma-Informed Pelvic Health Certification Curriculum


1. Introduction To The Course

  • Program Objectives
  • Housekeeping - Orientation to calendar, expectations for certification, workbook, library of audio & video practices, library of scripting options
  • The importance of self-care

2. Defining Trauma

  • What is Trauma?
  • Prevalence of Trauma
  • Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Defining Traumatic Stress - chronis, complex & development
  • Trauma Myths
  • Defining Trauma Informed Care
  • To Screen or Not to Screen?  Inviting Disclosure


3. Impact of Trauma - Acute Stress

  • Survival Responses

  • When the Threat Passes

  • Human Coping Patterns

  • Client Translation - Compassionate Curiosity


4. Impact of Trauma - The Nervous System

  • The Polyvagal Theory

  • Neuroception & The Window of Tolerance

  • Co-Regulation & Tracking

  • Client translation:

    • Tracking & developing the skill of dual awareness. 

    • Helping our clients get to know and track their nervous system in daily routines. 


5. Impact of Trauma - The Brain

  • The Brain in the Window of Tolerance

  • The Brain on Stress

  • Disintegration

  • Trauma, Pain & Sensory Processing: Making connections

  • Client Translation - Mitigation and Response

  • Client Translation - Optimizing Presence Using The Senses

6. Impact of Trauma - Behavior

  • Understanding Complex & Developmental Trauma

  • Long Term Impact - The ACES Study

  • Behavioural Defences

  • Client Translation - Responding to Armour

  • Client Translation - The Wisdom of Emotions

 7. Trauma Informed Care

  • Qualities of a Trauma Informed Pelvic Health Practitioner

  • Responding to Trauma Disclosures

  • Responding to Self-Preservation/Survival Responses

  • Graded Exposure & Titration: Promoting Safety & Self-Efficacy

  • Client Translation - Stages of Trauma Recovery: When & How to Refer to Trauma Focused Therapy

 8. Somatics in Trauma Informed Pelvic Health Care

  • Survival responses from a somatic lens

  • Polyvagal theory and the vagus nerve

  • Making connections: The postural system & the pelvic floor

  • The Sensory Systems: Keys to restoring regulation

  • Interoception

  • Client translation - When & how to use somatic practices

  • Principles of the the Polyvagal Theory from a Somatic Lens: Autonomic Hierarchy, Neuroception and Co-regulation

  • The Vagus Nerve in Trauma Informed Pelvic Health: Tools for Vagus Stimulation

 9. Safety, Connection & Empowerment/Dignity

  • Tying it together

  • Universal TIC considerations:

    • Environment & inclusion

    • Relationship

    • Screening

    • Assessment

    • Treatment planning

    • Discharge

  • Preparing for the Retreat

About Your Instructors

Lindsey Vestal, OTR/L

Lindsey is the founder The Functional Pelvis which was the first pelvic health practice in NYC ran by an occupational therapist.

She host a weekly OT Empower Hour on her Facebook Page "OTs for Pelvic Health" which has over 5,300 members.

Since 2018 she has been training other OTs in Pelvic Health through her popular online courses.  She aims to train over 10,000 OTs by the year 2030 with more than 3,000 completing this certification.

In 2022 she launched her top rated podcast called OTs in Pelvic Health to further support and spread the word.

Lara Desrosiers, MSc. OT Reg. (Ont)


Lara is an Occupational Therapist with a keen interest in mental health, pelvic health and pain science.  She has worked in community mental health and addictions settings since 2009.

She is an advocate of integrating a deeper understanding of pain, the nervous system, and the body into mental health care and of integrating a deeper understanding of psychology and trauma into rehabilitation practice.

Lara launched her private practice, Pelvic Resilience, In Ontario, Canada in 2017 which has a mission of supporting individuals experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction and persistent pain to get back to living life.

Lara is a teacher, mentor, and passionate advocate of the value of the Occupational Therapy lens in pelvic health care.  Lara is also a teacher and mentor to clinicians interested in developing their psychologically-informed and trauma-informed practices.