In Their Hands

How To Confidently Coach Clients To Do Their Own Pelvic Self Assessment


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Here is a quick pop quiz


How do you assess the pelvic floor of your client if you aren't able to touch them?

How about if you aren't even in the same room as them, face to face?

And, if we can't perform the assessment ourselves, how to we determine if they are overactive or underactive when creating their treatment plan?

Turn a Challenge into an OPPORTUNITY!

The rise of telehealth has presented us with the challenge of assessing our client's pelvic floor virtually where we can't touch them or even be in the same room as them.

But, I'm here to tell you - this isn't a challenge but a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!

Let me explain...

If you can confidently and successfully coach your client on how to perform their own pelvic floor assessment you get 2 wins:

  1. The client will understand their body better than before by being an active participant - thereby being more engaged with better outcomes
  2. You will get the critical information you need to determine the correct treatment plan

But there's one problem...

Many therapists don't feel confident in coaching their clients to do their own pelvic floor assessment. It isn't something that's taught in school, in most continuing education courses and unless you are lucky to have a mentor who has been doing telehealth for a long time you probably aren't sure where and how to get started.

What are the best options to give clients?

How do you coach them properly?

How do you make the clients comfortable?

What language and questions should you use for clients who have a hard time expressing what their body is telling them?

In Their Hands - How to Confidently Coach Clients to Perform Their Own Pelvic Self Assessment

In "In Their Hands" you will come away with the confidence and skills you need to coach your client how to perform their own self-assessment.

This mini-course is for you if you want:

  • To have not one, but four, different options you can give to clients for their own self assessment
  • A mix of internal and external options
  • The exact script I use with my clients so they always choose the right assessment for themselves
  • What questions I use to get my clients to articulate what they are feeling
  • How to problem solve questions and issues that may arise during the self-assessment
  • How to make your clients feel comfortable


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Your Instructor

Lindsey Vestal - OTR/L

Lindsey is the founder of the first pelvic health practice in NYC ran by an occupational therapist The Functional Pelvis.

She hosts a weekly OT Empower Hour on her Facebook Page "OTs For Pelvic Health" which has over 5,200 members.

Since 2018 she has been training other OTs in Pelvic Health through her popular online courses. She aims to train over 10,000 OTs by the year 2030 with more than 3,000 of them completing a certification that's specific to OT she's creating.

She is also the host of the top-rated podcast, "OTs in Pelvic Health."