$49.00 USD

Kegels That Work : A Workshop For Women Who Want To Stop Guessing + Start Taking Back Control

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • Why you don't necessarily want a "tight" pelvic floor
  • Why peeing a lot may not mean you are "too loose" after all
  • How everyday life (sitting, lifting, etc.) are opportunities to improve your pelvic floor
  • How to self-assess your own pelvic floor to find out if Kegels are actually right for you
  • And a whole lot more!


What People Are Saying:

I loved the self-assessment section of the workshop! The closest pelvic floor therapist is 3 hours from my house so being able to figure out for myself what was going on in my own body was so empowering and informative!

Nina L.

Kegels that work will not only help you to understand the complex reason why kegels usually aren’t the solution for your pelvic floor issues, it will also provide you with strategies and tools to determine what the solution is for your individual body, to regain function and core strength. Lindsey eloquently takes you on a journey of discovery into your body and it’s unique patterns, what it’s truly capable of, and how to reconnect to it. This course caters to all learning styles, has a clear and easy to follow presentation, and will leave you motivated and empowered! Every woman will benefit from this information!

Meghan K