Do you accept insurance?

Most insurance companies reimburse occupational therapy services; out-of-network benefits apply. You can submit my receipt directly to your insurance.

I provide therapy on a “fee at time of service” basis. This benefits you as I do not have to limit the time or quality of treatment I provide because of insurance company restrictions nor do I need to elevate my rates to pay for billing services.

Can I get reimbursed by my insurance as "out of network"?

Most likely, yes! Prior to your first scheduled appointment, call your insurance company to completely understand your occupational therapy benefits. In the forms section on this site, you will find an insurance company worksheet to help you ask the insurance company the right questions about your occupational therapy benefits.

At the time of service and payment, you will receive a written statement which you can submit to your insurance company for their reimbursement to you. The amount of reimbursement you receive will vary according to the terms of your insurance policy. I cannot make guarantees or estimates regarding what reimbursement your plan allows.