(OK with condoms) (NOT for use with silicone vibe) (great for daily moisture)
Sliquid Silver
Pjur Med Soft Glide
Pjur Woman

(OK with condoms) (important to get PH balanced, the following are)
Pjur Med Repair Glide
Sliquid Sassy
Sliquid Organics
Good Clean Love
Aloe Cadabra
Sliquid Organics

(good for scar care) (NOT OK with condoms) (not recommended for use with penetration)
Yes oil
Vit E
Rosehip oil
Coconut oil

Scar Care Recommendations

Castor Oil Kit
Castor Oil
Hot Water Bottle

Therapeutic Tools

Gertie Ball
Yoga Tune-Up Balls
Soft Foam Roller
Aria Vibrator
Flex O Pleaser Vibrator
Vibrating Dilators
Sliquid Splash Feminine Wash

Amazing Online Core Programs

Restore Your Core
One Strong Mama (specifically for prenatal women)

Pregnancy Support Belts

(Check out this NY Mag article that Lindsey was featured in)

Serola SI Belt
Azmed Maternity Belt
Neotech Abdominal, Back, Waist Support Belt
Bao Bei Support Band