A Proper Way to Poop?! Tell Me More!

My job enables me to talk about these fascinating elimination topics all day long....and then I get to go home and "talk" about it some more since I have two kids under age 3!

Things such as proper body mechanics during elimination is not something that most people consider "proper" conversation! However, when I say "Proper" I am referring to the most effective and efficient way for our pelvic floor muscles to relax in order to allow for complete bowel movement.

Back when we used to squat in order to have a bowel movement, our body positioning was much more conducive to complete emptying. Nerd alert: This is because our anorectal angle was open, enabling less effort in moving our bowels. Thank goodness for modern conveniences of plumbing and waste management. However, can we marry the modern bathroom with effective body positioning? The answer is yes!

1) Grab yourself a stool. A rather wide stool such as the squatty potty. A stool gets your legs in a more squat-like position (thereby opening the anorectal angle) and a wide stool takes it one step further by allowing your legs to open out to the sides. This relaxes the hip muscles. These muscles connect to the pelvic floor.....so when you relax them, the pelvic floor opens more. This leads to more complete evacuation. 

2) Sit for 10-15 minutes. No rushing! Grab a book or your ipad and give time for your muscles to relax and open.

3) Try to poop in the morning. The gastrocolic reflex is something that occurs naturally in the morning. This reflex capitalizes on the peristaltic nature of our colon thereby also leading to more complete bowel movement.

Happy pooping!