Reduce the Strain of the Sag

“Brilliantly lit from stem to stern, she looked like a sagging birthday cake”

The inspiration for this blog is a quote by Walter Lord. I thought that it captured the concepts of aging beauty well. We grow into our 30's, 40's and beyond perhaps still brilliant and beautiful but the basics aging facts remain the same: our faces, bellies and breasts start to sag.  What can be less easy to see is that our internal organs sag, too. And as us mothers know, the bladder and uterus are especially vulnerable after the strain of childbirth. 

There is a booming business to slow down the aging process -- creams, tinctures, tonics, diets, vitamins, you name it...the list grows by the second -- all in the pursuit to not sag.

When internal organs sag (loosely put, prolapse), incontinence can occur. Incontinence is a battle won by gravity and the weakness of muscular/supportive structures.

A recent patient of mine who has fecal incontinence told me she had such a challenge in finding the right doctor who could identify her problem and provide a solution.  A solution she was willing to accept. She finally found pelvic floor therapy (shameless advertising: she found the Functional Pelvis)! 

Here was an option for her she could accept: conservative, non-invasive treatment. Yes, she had to do the work -- and the work (exercises/behavioral management) had to be done daily. But she was not interested in a magic tonic to fix her. She wanted to own the work, she wanted to feel empowered by her follow-through and the results that ensued.

She learned postural exercises that helped her alignment and body carriage. She learned in a concrete way how the foods and beverages she was consuming affected her elimination. And she learned how to recruit her core muscles (of which the pelvic floor is a part of) in order to reduce the strain of the sag. Her pelvic organs (and perhaps face, belly, and breasts) did still sag. But she learned how direct choices she made (diet, posture, body positioning) influenced the sag. And that she could do something to influence it for better or worse.

Life happens. Sag happens. But you can learn ways to reduce the strain and empower yourself. You can be brilliantly lit from stem to stern, and still find ways to be a functional and strong (and lovely) sagging birthday cake.