Product Junkie: A Review of Dear Kates Underwear

The idea is brilliant -- beautiful, comfortable underwear that has built-in protection against leaks. Over the years, I have had several of my clients try Dear Kates and then rave about them. So of course, I had to do my own research!

I read about the founder, Julie Sygiel, and even had the opportunity to meet her since she is based in NYC. I was dazzled by her background: a chemical engineer who is the creator behind this lovely concept. As many of you know, pelvic floor rehab is also my second career; my first career was in communications & writing.  I am often asked how I got into therapy from a liberal arts background so I loved meeting a successful female entrepreneur who appeared to have reinvented herself as well.

I watched the youtube video on the Dear Kate website. I loved that not only the inner layer is wicking but that the outer layer is water repellent. This means no stains on your clothes! There are many colors and styles to select from, and she has even developed a yoga pants line with built-in protection. Amazing.

As an occupational therapist, I love the idea that adaptive equipment, or supportive measures can be used while we are working hard through the rehab process. Evidence shows that pelvic floor rehab can take 7 weeks (of daily work) for our hard work to pay off. Why not be more comfortable along the process? These underwear may replace (or complement) the pads you may be wearing to help with your incontinence.

The underwear (TMI: I'm wearing them now!) truly are incredibly comfortable and breathable. And capable of holding up to 1 tbsp of fluid. These underwear personify femininity, redefined as functional!