Product Junkie: A Review of The Squatty Potty

After writing the "Proper Way to Poop" blog entry, I was asked about simple ways to elevate the legs to mimic squatting. I often mention putting a trash can on its side, using a stool,  or even a stack of old phone books as a way to get the legs elevated into a good squat position when pooping. These items are all pretty narrow though.

Why does a stool being too narrow matter?

We don't just want the legs up in a squat-like position to open the anorectal angle, we want the legs relaxed out to the sides  - the floppier the better! This is because the hips need to also be relaxed in order for the pelvic floor muscles to relax. Letting the legs fall out to the sides helps accomplish this. All of the accessory muscles that attach into the pelvic floor can either create tension or enhance relaxation. So let's set ourselves up for success by relaxing the best we can.

A product that can help facilitate these concepts is the Squatty Potty. It has a smart design for the following reasons:

  1. It has a horse-shoe shape enabling the legs to fall out to the sides, helping the hips to relax (it's not narrow like a standard stool)
  2. It comes in two heights (7" and 9") to fit both standard and elevated toilet heights
  3. It can be discretely placed underneath the toilet and out of the way due to its shape.

So get your legs elevated, hips relaxed and let that pelvic floor elongate for a full evacuation of your bowels. Happy pooping!