What is The Functional Pelvis, Inc?

The Functional Pelvis, Inc. is a private physical and occupational therapy practice dedicated to improving the lives of women and men who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and complications.  Though an embarrassing dinner topic for some, pelvic floor dysfunction affects millions of people (33% of women alone) who often don't know that proven therapeutic exercises and non-surgical treatments are available which can drastically improve their quality of life when suffering from urinary and fecal incontinence, urge incontinence, chronic constipation, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain.

We empower you by helping you regain control of the most basic of human functions.  

Some of our services and diagnoses treated include:

Anismus • Biofeedback • Bladder Problems • Bowel Disorders • Colorectal Issues •  Diastasis Recti • Endometriosis • Incontinence • Interstitial Cystitis • Low Back Pain • Musculoskeletal Disorders •  Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction • Pelvic Organ Prolapse • Pelvic Pain • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation • Prostate Problems • Prenatal and Postpartum Care • Pudendal Nerve Entrapment • Pudendal Neuralgias • Vaginismus • Vulvar Vestibulitis • Vulvodynia

Who Should Make an Appointment?

Lindsey was an incredible find. After developing fecal incontinence after a 3rd degree tear during labor with my second child, I felt truly hopeless. This was not what I thought I would be dealing with! Lindsey was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and knew exactly how to help me. After seeing her I no longer leak and feel so much more confident.
— Tiffany C.
  1. Have you ever experienced any leakage of stool or urine?

  2. Do you find that its difficult to hold your urine or stool or trouble making it to the toilet on time?

  3. Do you have difficulty fully eliminating (constipation)?

  4. Have you recently given birth and experienced one of the following?

    1. Delivery via C-Section

    2. Delivery via Vacuum/Forceps

    3. Perineum Tear

  5. Have you, or will you, have surgery for pelvic organ prolapse?

  6. Do you empty your bladder frequently, before you experience the desire to pass urine, just so you stay dry?

  7. Do you have any bowel or gas control problems?

  8. Do tampons not fit you the way they used to?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then a pelvic health wellness assessment could be right for you.  Please contact us today to discuss further and to schedule a pelvic floor evaluation.  

What Can I Expect?

Similar to rehabilitating any other muscle through physical or occupational therapy, a typical treatment plan consists of 8 - 12 visits although less or more may take place depending upon the severity and each individual's progress.  Often, patients start showing signs of improvement in just 4 visits if they are diligent with their prescribed exercises. 

Your first appointment will be a detailed pelvic floor evaluation.  This includes a review of your medical history, discussion of your current issues, and a physical examination.  I will then create a treatment plan for future sessions.

Future individually tailored sessions may include: biofeedback (an instrument that gives you visible feedback to help you understand how well your pelvic muscles are working), exercises to restore and strengthen your pelvic floor, abdominal and other supporting muscle systems, behavior and activity modifications, assessing your dietary habits -- all culminating with a strong understanding of how you have the ability to take control over your most basic of human functions.

Before Your First Appointment

New patients should fill out new patient forms of their complete medical history.

In addition, NY State requires that patients get a referral from their physician to visit an occupational therapist if they plan on filing for reimbursement from their insurance company.  This is as simple as requesting an Occupational Therapy prescription from your physician for evaluation and treatment.  

For more information on insurance reimbursement, please see the Insurance page.

Where Will Treatment Occur?

We provide customized treatment in YOUR HOME AND our Union Square office.

Pelvic health is a very private matter and I find that my clients have demonstrated substantial progress by being in the comfort of their own space. This minimizes distraction and enables us both to focus solely on your needs.

In addition, women who have recently given birth and experience complications during the delivery that can affect pelvic function (c-section, vacuum/forceps assisted delivery, perineum tears) find that having a therapist come to them during the first weeks dramatically improves their quality of life and get a head start on taking care of themselves.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
— Sally Berger